The Moaning Bench is a murder mystery set in Atlanta and rural Georgia in 1980, as Atlanta is in the grip of a serial killer who’s preying on children.

That August Reverend Jimmy Lee Hightower is killed. His son, Rufus, is found standing over his dying father screaming at him. The murder weapon is missing. Rufus isn’t talking.

Detective Cleveland Mock, just booted off the Missing and Murdered Children’s task force, is pressured to close the case quickly and charge Rufus with murder. But he thinks the nineteen-year-old college student is covering for somebody. Is it:

  • The lovely widow, Liz, who is clearly hiding something and who seems all-too eager for a new romance?
  • The other son, Corey, the playboy preacher who knew his neglected wife, Laura, was sneaking around with Jimmy Lee?
  • Was it Laura herself, a passionate, high-strung beauty with an ax to grind?
  • Or William Stone, Jimmy Lee’s shadowy political godfather, and his murderous chief henchman, Tiny Weaver?

Mock’s investigation takes him to rural Pate County, Georgia, where he forms an uneasy alliance with Sheriff Ed Meaney, who has his own agenda. He meets Mama Kalie, a witchy old psychic who foresaw Jimmy Lee’s murder years earlier. Mock digs into a viper’s nest of hidden motives and secret hatreds before coming face-to-face with a demented killer.

 (Coming in January)

The Moaning Bench © 2016