Short Stories

The Suspects’ Table

A Novella

     All Bella Pynchon wanted that day was to catch a quick catnap.

     She was exhausted: She had spent the last two days rushing to get everything set up so her boss could have a successful run in this high-stakes, thoroughbred horse race handicapping tournament in Philadelphia.

     Bella’s boss, Mickey Pruett, is the sheriff of Pate County, Georgia and a cut-throat on the tournament circuit. He has often tried to get Bella to use her psychic powers to help him pick horses. She won’t do that, but she does help him solve Cold-Case murders. She has come along on the Philadelphia trip just to lend him a hand; now, with everything going smoothly, she’s simply trying to catch a few winks.

     But then somebody goes and gets poisoned at the tournament — right at Bella’s lunch table — and Bella finds herself dead in the police’s sights because of an off-the-cuff remark she made before the cops arrived.

     Bella will need all her psychic gifts, and all of Mickey’s investigative skill, to get herself off the hot seat — and nail a diabolical, two-faced murderer bent on keeping old secrets.