About Author

     I was there.

     From investigating the burgeoning gang presence in Atlanta’s public housing projects, to reporting from Middle East war zones, to puzzling out the many facets of distracted driving – I covered it all.

     My dispatches landed from an Atlas-worth of locales: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Antigua, Guatemala. Berlin in the former German Democratic Republic. Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. Kuwait City, Kuwait. My byline graced the front pages of USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

     I burned through a thousand Reporter’s Notebooks and a mile of shoe leather, reporting from the scene of pretty much every major news story of the past three decades. My life consisted of cigarettes and coffee, laptops that invariably crashed on deadline, and instantaneous bonds with people I would never see again.

     I flew in an F-16 over a smoldering World Trade Center, and watched the flames of the Oklahoma City federal building licking a haunted sky at twilight; I tracked down terrified kids at Columbine, had an up-close view of the deadly wrath of Hurricane Katrina, and watched them count hanging chads in Florida.

     All on deadline.

Larry Copeland

Larry Copeland

     After 35 years as a newspaper reporter and a cabinet full of awards, the only deadlines I face now are my own. “Post-Deadline” is the way I see it – life, family, politics, sports, whatever the hell happens to be on my mind. So check me out right here Mondays and Thursdays.

     I recently finished The Moaning Bench, a murder mystery set in Georgia in 1980. It will be available for purchase on Amazon and on this blog.

     I live in a 113-year-old (we think) house in Atlanta’s Historic West End with my wife, Kim, and our companion animals, an Australian cattle dog named Vic and a Calico cat named Autumn.