Wow! What an amazing weekend!

We had the very first book reading and signing for The Moaning Bench Saturday afternoon at the Columbus County Arts Center, a beautifully-restored art gallery in downtown Whiteville, N.C.

It was truly a grand experience to sit and talk with people about the book, the characters, the writing, etc. There is nothing – nothing – like a face-to-face discussion about your work with people who are interested in it.

I’m so grateful to everyone who chose to spend part of their Saturday afternoon with me.

I also have to thank Dr. Nan Johnson, Ms. Val Farnum and Mrs. Denise Smith for putting the event together. And thanks to Sally Mann, executive director of the Columbus County Arts Council, for hosting us.

I also had an opportunity to speak with the student body of Chadbourn Middle School in Chadbourn, N.C., about the importance of making good life choices, and of making every decision count. They were an attentive, inquisitive group, with lots of good questions. I’m sending a big Thank You to them and their principal, Mr. Michael Powell, a 40-year educator and coach who’s doing a great job. Go Tigers!

Finally, I’m grateful to Irene Jordan, who came down from Boston and photographed the weekend’s events, and to Kim, for keeping me focused and on point.