The Moaning Bench is available for Pre-Sale! You can pre-order a signed copy before it is available for general release on January 27. Presale, the hardcover price is $25 and the soft cover price is $12.50, plus shipping. On Jan. 27, the hardcover price will be $27.08, the soft cover $14.99, plus shipping.

 It’s gotten some serious props from Nathan McCall, author of the classic memoir, Makes Me Wanna Holler and Them: A Novel. He said: “This is exquisite storytelling, a real page-turner, spun in the Southern literary tradition of the great Ernest Gaines. With The Moaning Bench, Larry Copeland has announced himself as a fresh new voice on the fiction scene.”

 I hope you’ll agree. If you do, please tell your friends, share on Facebook and Twitter, tell your book club and anyone else who likes to read. Word of mouth will serve as an excellent way to let readers know about the book before it debuts.

 You may pre-order the hardcover on PayPal HERE

You may pre-order the soft cover on PayPal HERE

 Pre-orders ship on Jan. 27, when the book will be available on Amazon.

 Thank you for your support. I hope to hear from you soon.